The Boring Legal bits...

1.0 At all times Paradigital retains creative control over all works - this includes style, design, edit approach, content and final production. You have engaged us as professionals for your work because you like our style - so let us replicate that style in your own content;

1.1 All work includes unlimited free edits to remedy processing or other technical errors, omissions or mistakes; all work includes one free edit after the first edit to incorporate feedback (subject to 1.0 above) - after this all edits are charged at our standard hourly rate (£100 per hour.);

1.2 By engaging with Paradigital you endeavour to commit to ensuring you are prompt and courteous in responding to any requests from us;

1.3 All engagements are subject to a long-stop of 3 months from the original date given for the shoot or provision of our services;

1.4 All clients agree to be contractually bound in contract following acceptance of our 'offer' as detailed in our email or invoice (or through BIDVINE - see 1.5 below) - for the avoidance of doubt your acceptance can be via words or conduct;

1.5 In the case of communications through BIDVINE, once we have submitted a bid ('a contractual offer'), acceptance occurs when you confirm the hire through the BIDVINE platform at which point a legal contract will be entered into;

1.6 All deposits are refundable for video or photography shoots subject to 1.7;

1.7 Deposits will be surrendered in full if the event is cancelled without more than 1 week's notice - this is to cover allocation and resourcing costs; 

1.8 The second half of any payments ('the remainder') is due on or before upon delivery of the first edit or in the case of websites or other creative works on first delivery of the concepts;

2.0 Paradigital reserves all rights and interests over all work produced save where this has been expressly vacated or allocated;

2.1 Paradigital reserves its discretion on all creative and design matters;

2.2 Paradigital reserves its rights to cancel the provision of its services with 48 hours notice of an event through notice in writing;

2.3 The Client agrees to fully indemnify Paradigital against any claims howsoever or whensoever arising under or following the operation of 2.2;

3.0 In the event of a dispute Paradigital commits to best efforts to resolve the dispute;

3.1 Paradigital reserves the right to commence legal proceedings to recover unpaid amounts due under contract, or for damages arising from breach of contract or non-performance of contact, with the amount claimed that due under the contract (invoice amount) plus applicable interest and/or the standard hourly rate with respect to quantum for loss of earnings or other losses being £100.00ph; 


3.2 At all material times, Paradigital will be assumed to be capable and willing to perform under its contractual obligation save where it gives notice to the contrary in express writing;

3.3 Where a contract is legally constituted as per 1.4 and/or 1.5 above, the client agrees to be liable for the full cost of the original invoice under the contract if they later give notice they no longer want or require the works;

3.4 In the event of a force majeure (such as a natural disasters or unavoidable catastrophe) Paradigital commits to refund any amounts paid as a deposit in full and without deductions;


3.5 For the avoidance of doubt, Paradigital expressly limits its liability with respect to claims made against it in contract and/or tort, or otherwise any other legal claim howsoever or whensoever arising, to a maximum value of the amount paid by the client under the original contract, subject to the principle of quantum meruit and any other relevant principles that would serve to reduce the amount owed;

3.6 The client expressly agrees to provide a full indemnity to Paradigital for loss caused or resulting from technical faults, such as those caused by, but not limited to, technical,  electronic or mechanical failures or faults;

3.7 Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, clients of Paradigital are to be deemed to have the status of organisations, companies or businesses in law, and not consumers or individuals;

3.8 The applicable law will be that of England and Wales;

3.9 None of the above impacts your Statutory Rights.

Last updated: 5th February, 2019

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